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MSSF is seeking a new CEO

MSSF is seeking a visionary, dynamic CEO with remarkable leadership skills who can successfully lead and manage the Montana Unified School Trust Health Plan (MUST), work collaboratively and effectively with others in the health insurance industry, with the MUST and MSSF Boards, and with school districts, school employees and sponsoring organizations of MSSF (MEA-MFT, MTSBA and SAM).

Click HERE to view the entire job description, and HERE to view the position on LinkedIn

July Open Enrollment is now open from 4/18/16 – 5/31/16

Make sure to submit any changes to your disctrict clerk before you leave for the Summer. September Open Enrollment will be from 07/01/16 to 08/12/16.

MUST Wellness Program Revamped for 2015-2016

You and your covered spouse could receive a total of $200 in gift cards for completing the Healthy Futures Program! Click HERE for more details.


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Mission: To serve the public education community of Montana by providing high-quality, cost-effective health benefit plans and services through the Montana Unified School Trust.