Healthy Futures Wellness Program

2021 Wellness Program Notice


For completing the HEALTHY FUTURES Wellness Program!

($100 off plan deductible in the following benefit year)

MUST offers the Healthy Futures Wellness Program to most groups.

This comes at no additional cost to the member.

Complete just one simple step

  • Download a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana Total Health Management (THM) Assessment Form at:
  • Take the form with you to your in-network primary care physician.
  • Have your provider complete the THM form and make sure both you and your provider sign the form. It will be considered incomplete if not signed by both parties.
  • Fax or mail the completed form to BCBSMT for processing. You will be notified when your THM form is received at BCBSMT if you provided a legible e-mail address.
  • The THM form must be completed and submitted by June 30.
  • Employees and covered spouses are eligible for this program. Please allow 90 days for processing your THM form and incentive.
  • In the next benefit year under a MUST medical plan, you will receive a $100 credit to your plan deductible.

Please note: Medicare-eligible members, retiree members, and dependent children are not eligible for this incentive.

Click HERE to download the Healthy Futures Flyer