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2023 »


Here’s to a Healthier You in 2023!  Read about heart-healthy lifestyle tips in this issue of the MUST Read. Learn more about how small steps can better your health.

2022 »


Is it fall or winter? With all the snow outside, it sure feels like winter. This issue highlights the importance of staying safe during the holiday season and appreciating the classified staff in our Montana schools. Don’t forget to check out the yummy pie recipe in this MUST Read. Have a safe and cheerful holiday season!

Past MUST Read Newsletters »

Summer MUST Read 2021

Summer is right around the corner! We aren’t sure about you, but we can’t wait for some sunshine, BBQ, and healthy outdoor fun! This issue helps you to be ready for allergies, healthy snacking ideas and BBQ do’s and don’ts. It also has lots of good reminders as to what sets MUST apart. Have a safe and healthy summer season!


Fall MUST Read 2020


Fall 2020 has brought many challenges! This issue will cover important topics to help keep you healthy during Covid-19.  The importance of a flu shot during a pandemic, our newest wellness programs, and mental health tips and tricks for schools during remote learning.  Many great “MUST Read” articles in this issue!

Summer MUST Read 2020

Summer is here and we want you to enjoy every minute.  This issue has articles to keep you healthy, safe and having fun.  Relax and read some great articles on driving drowsy, mental health and more!


Winter MUST Read 2020

Cozy up and read some great information on telehealth, so you don’t have to leave your house when you aren’t feeling well, simply schedule and talk to a medical professional from your phone. We also have some great ways to stay active and healthy in colder weather.


Fall MUST Read 2019

This issue ready to enjoy our beautiful Montana Fall season.  You’ll be up to date on Fall allergies, a healthy recipe and snack tips, and a quick workout too.


Summer MUST Read 2019

Lots of great reading while you relax in the hammock! Learn how to protect your eyes from sun damage, compare generic to name brand prescriptions, and getting your grill on all while staying healthy and fit.


Winter MUST Read 2019

Don’t get the winter blues! This issue will address the importance of having a primary care provider and all the benefits, winter blues workout tips, the benefits of walking every day and getting enough sleep, and a healthy salad recipe!



Fall MUST Read 2018

Fall is upon us!  Be prepared and get your flu shots. MUST has many resources from the CareVan to CareHere centers to make it easy and keep you healthy.  Also in this issue are some great fitness tips to stay moving as we move into colder weather.


Summer MUST Read 2018

Enjoy the summer and remember to share the road, protect yourself against pesky bugs, and don’t forget to get your yearly eye exam. You’ll also learn about medicare coverage and retirement. Is it possible?


Winter MUST Read 2018

Here’s to a Healthier You in 2018! Read about setting power goals! Taking care of your teeth and gums, including 7 tips for a healthy smile. Learn more about Healthy Futures and Well onTarget® Online Member Portal.



September 2017 MUST READ

In this issue, learn about virtual visits, diabetes, the five W’s of the flu, air ambulance coverage and providers and pharmacy resources.


 Benefits Special Edition MUST READ

The 2017-2018 Plan Year will bring about exciting and new changes, such as the Provider Finder® tool, Virtual Visits, BCBSMT Mobile App, Prime pharmacy, and a 24/7 Nurseline.


January 2017 MUST READ

Jan2017NewsletterInformation about the BCBSMT Provider Finder®, covered preventive benefits, our new MUST Benefits website, and how to make your insurance work for you.



September 2016 MUST READ

sept2016newsletterInformation about our updated Wellness Program, getting enough sleep when schedules change, Air Ambulance, and eating right for a strong mind.


May 2016 MUST READ

march2016newsletterInformation about protecting your skin during the summer months, Zika virus, good social media privacy practices, and how to treat summer allergies.