Enrollment Changes

  • Open Enrollment – An employee, trustee, or eligible dependent may enroll in coverage during the annual open enrollment period.  If a retiree is currently enrolled in the medical plan during open enrollment, he or she may change plans, add certain coverages, or enroll eligible dependents.
  • Special Enrollment Period – Enrollment changes may occur throughout the year due to changes in family status or loss of other insurance which would create a special enrollment period.  An employee, trustee, or eligible dependent is eligible to enroll in coverage under the plan as a result of certain events that create special enrollment rights.  MUST also allows the employee to change medical plans as a result of the special enrollment qualifying event. The effective date of the new or changed coverage is the date of the qualifying event, except in the case of coverage loss, in which case the first day of the following month becomes the effective date. MUST does NOT allow the employee to add or drop dental and/or vision plans as a result of the special enrollment qualifying event.

For members who qualify for a special enrollment period, the participant or clerk must ensure that MUST is notified within the timeline of the event, along with the supporting documentation.

Demographic Changes  

Changes and corrections to employee demographics may be made at any time by notifying MUST. Demographic changes include:

  • Address changes
  • Name changes
  • Date of birth corrections
  • Social security number (SSN) corrections or updates

Qualifying events include:

  • Birth of a child
  • Adoption of a child
  • Involuntary loss of coverage (proof required)
  • Marriage
  • Change in employment status
  • Death of a spouse or child
  • Divorce or legal separation