Vision & Dental

Groups offering Vision and/or Dental benefits to their employees can do so without requiring enrollment under a medical plan.

Members should use their medical ID card when getting a vision exam. MUST plans cover one (1) vision exam per benefit period under the medical plan at 100% of the allowable fee.


Single vision lenses $32 $64
Bifocal lenses $41 $82
Trifocal lenses $54 $108
Progressive lenses $54 $108
Lenticular lenses $77 $154
Necessary contacts $165 $330
Elective contacts N/A $110*
Frames N/A $85

Members may choose one set of glasses (frames and lenses) or one set of contact lenses, but not both, during a given benefit period.

*One pair per year or one year supply of disposable lenses up to $110.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a participant elects vision or dental coverage, but drops it at the end of the year, there is a two-year waiting period before the coverage can be reinstated. Participants may not drop vision or dental coverage mid-year unless they are also dropping medical coverage.
ELIGIBILTY REQUIREMENT: Employee enrollment is required to enroll any dependents in vision and/or dental benefits.


Maximum benefit/period/covered person (Combined type A, B, and C expenses) $1,250
Type A – Diagnostic/Preventive
Deductible waived No co-payment
Type B – Routine/Basic Care
Deductible waived 20% co-insurance
Type C – Major restorative
$25 Deductible 50% co-insurance
Orthodontia Coverage (for dependents under 19)
Maximum lifetime benefit $1,000
$50 deductible 50% co-insurance