As the district clerk/business managers (administration), you play a vital role in the benefit offerings for your district. You help ensure:

  • New hire health and life benefit enrollment paperwork is completed appropriately and submitted in a timely manner (within 30 days), or providing MUST with information for online enrollment so that members can enroll online. Failure to notify MUST in a timely manner may result in a denial of coverage.
  • School employees who don’t want coverage complete the required waiver form.
  • Timely notification of terminating employee coverage and benefit (within 30 days). Please note that failure to provide termination and retiree status changes may result in no offer of COBRA coverage.

The most current forms are required and can be found on the MUST website.

The Summary Plan Description and other materials specific to group plans supersede this general information with regard to individual participants’ eligibility and benefits. You may wish to keep a printed copy of this document available as a convenient reference.