MUST Board

Appointed representatives from MSSF’s three sponsor organizations (MFPE, SAM, and MTSBA) serve as trustees for the Montana Unified School Trust (MUST). These trustees provide policy direction for the health benefits plan offered by MUST. The Board is required to make plan amendments and authorize the contractual relationships with the providers of the program’s specialized needs such as underwriting, actuarial, legal, and claims services. It generally comprises eleven members: three voting members from each of the three sponsoring organizations and two non-voting members who offer additional expertise.


Mark Roesler-Begalke

Patricia Toavs

Diane Fladmo


Brad Moore

Dr. Doug Reisig

Dan Grabowska


Shawn Bubb

Jack Babon

Gayle Venturelli


Rich Nelson

Terri Hogan


The public is invited and everyone is welcome to attend.

If you have questions regarding the meeting or the agenda, please call (406) 457-4400.

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